California Dreamin Plumbing & Remodel
Do you have leaking or damaged pipes?  California Dreamin has the answer!

Our relining process is a major improvement over replacing the entire pipe.

Why should you choose relining?
  • It costs less than replacement.
  • Relining takes less time to complete.
  • The pipe is renewed to better than original state.
  • Material and resin meet industry standards of a minimum 50 year service life.
  • Prevents future root intrusion, seals cracks to eliminate leaks and infiltration
  • You don't have to dig up your entire lawn!
Faster, better, AND cheaper!  Call today to schedule your relining with California Dreamin.  You'll be glad you did.
Step 1: The line is inspected to determine the cause of the problem.
Step 2: A high pressure jetting process is used to clean the line.
Step 3: The liner is installed into the cleaned line.
Step 4: The repaired pipe is returned to service, better than new.